• Which mattress is the best?The "best" mattress for you is the one that keeps you comfortable and well supported, and gives you a great night's sleep. At Snoozer bedding, we've hired experts who've done all the research to find exactly the right mattresses for our customers.

    We have cut open our competitors' models and used feedback from our customers to develop a product line that features the best mattresses in the industry. We have weeded out the models that do not give our customers true value. When you order from Snoozer Bedding, you can feel confident that every model is the best value available, regardless of the price point. If you're comfortable and it fits your budget, that's the "best" mattress for you!

    If you need more help making your selection, you can go to our mattress selector tool, "Order Online", specially designed to choose the mattress that fits your lifestyle and your particular comfort and sleeping needs. Go to top
  • Mattress Sizes
    Twin/Single 39" × 75"
    Double/Full 54" × 75"
    King 72" × 80"
    California King 72" × 84"
    Super King 78" × 80"
    Queen 60" × 80"
    Twin Extra Long 39" × 80"
    Full Extra Long 54" × 80"
    Three Quarter 48" × 75"
    Crib 27" × 54"
    Stacker/Tri-Fold 24" x 75"

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  • Is there a size of mattress that everyone should use? What's the most popular mattress size?There is no "one-size-fits-all" in mattresses. A teen, for example, may be able to use a twin size bed or may be more comfortable with a queen. If you sleep with a partner, you will certainly require a different size mattress than a child.

    The queen size mattresses are the most popular at the moment; but, if you have room for a king size, you will be more comfortable with that. Go to top
  • How much money should I spend on a mattress?A good-quality mattress is an investment that gives you tremendous return. When you are rested, your mind functions better, your memory is sharper, and you can be sure you won't fall asleep on the job, in class, or while driving. You can get a quality mattress that will last you for years to come, and provide you with the sleep you need to be at your best. Invest in the best quality mattress that you can afford. Less expensive mattresses may seem like a bargain, but they may not provide the comfort, support and durability necessary for a great night's sleep. Go to top
  • It better to shop online, go to a showroom or call to buy my bed?That depends on what's most important to you. Do you need to test the product first, or can you determine what you want by looking at a picture of the product? Snoozerbedding.com offers you a virtual showroom for your convenience but we also have locations around India where you can try out mattresses. To find the location nearest you, just click here.

    If you prefer to shop from your home and have questions, we have expert available 24/7 to help you choose the perfect bed for you! Call us toll free at .....!  Go to top
  • Qualities of a good mattress ? What should I do before I shop for a new mattress?In order to find the perfect bed for your needs, there are several questions you will need to consider. First, what size bed do you need? If the bed is for a child or a dormitory room, a twin size might be fine. If the bed is normally used by two people, the smallest size to consider is a full size. Queen size and king size beds provide considerably more room and comfort for the sleepers; however, you must also consider the size of the room.

    Will you need a mattress and box spring set, or just a mattress only to be used on a platform bed? The next consideration is how you want the bed to feel as far as comfort is concerned. All of the beds that we carry at Snoozerbedding.com will give you great support. What will vary is the amount of cushioning or surface comfort. Do you want the bed to be firm, with very little cushioning, or do you want it to be very plush, like sleeping on several comforters?

    Once you can answer these questions and have some idea of how much you want to invest in your mattress, you are ready to Call, Click, or Visit Snoozerbedding.com to find the perfect bed for you! Go to top
  • How long do mattresses last and how often should they be replaced?Traditionally, mattresses should be replaced every 7 to 10 years. The life of a mattress can be impacted by many factors, including the height and weight of the sleeper(s) and whether or not it is supported by a proper frame and foundation, and even the climate that you live in. If the mattress is abused by standing or jumping on it, or if a double-sided mattress is not turned as recommended by the manufacturer, you may need to replace the mattress sooner. Ultimately, if you wake up feeling stiff and sore, and you can't identify any other causes; you might want to think about replacing your mattress. Your lifestyle and your body may undergo rapid changes, and that may mean that your mattress should change, too. As a rule, if your mattress sags or is worn and lumpy, you should think about replacing it.

    And you can ask yourself this question: Would a new mattress help me sleep better? Go to top
  • How sleep is effected by a mattress?Lifestyle factors - age, physical activity, smoking, and illness - are all important. However, your mattress is the most important factor in determining the quality of your sleep. Your mattress should support you and be comfortable enough to allow you to sleep in one position all night, without the tossing and turning that is caused by pressure points. Restless sleep or waking up with aches in your arms, legs and back is a sure sign that your mattress is not helping you get the rest you need. Go to top
  • Does a couple need a particular mattress size?As a rule, a king or a queen-size mattress provides the most room and the best comfort.

    You might want to consider a mattress that minimizes sleep disturbances when either of you move during the night.Our mattresses are constructed to minimize the impact of partners moving.

    You should both evaluate a potential mattress purchase. A spacious mattress will help you sleep better and you'll both be more rested in the morning. Go to top
  • Do children need a particular mattress?For babies, a crib with a firm, tight-fitting mattress is crucial to the infant's health and safety. Make sure the crib has adequate support for the mattress, so that the bedding can't be easily dislodged. This is a very important consideration, since babies spend almost three-quarters of their time asleep and toddlers spend half their time sleeping.

    As your children grow older, they will be ready to graduate to a twin bed. The rules of comfort and support apply here. Children need 8-10 hours of sleep per night. A mattress that allows them to sleep comfortably without tossing and turning will give them the restful sleep they need to grow up healthy.

    It's better to buy a new mattress for a child, rather that passing him or her your old mattress when you buy a new one. If a mattress is no longer comfortable for you, chances are it will not be comfortable for your child. Go to top
  • How often should do I need to rotate my mattress?Most mattresses made in the last few years are one-sided, as opposed to the two-sided models that required flipping and rotating. Through the years mattresses became so heavy, due to added upholstery layers and coils, that they were very difficult to turn. To make it easier for the consumer, one-sided mattresses were developed. Most one-sided mattresses should be rotated head-to-toe once every two months. Follow the manufacturers' recommendation.

    If you have a two-sided mattress, rotating it minimizes the impressions your body leaves and makes your mattress more resilient and resistant to wear and tear, because you are using all the sleeping surfaces. Two-sided mattresses should be "flipped" once every two weeks for the first three months and once every two months thereafter. The first time, turn it over so the top surface is now resting on the foundation. The next time, just spin the mattress from head to toe, leaving the same surface in contact with the foundation. Alternate these two procedures every two months and you can expect a long life from your mattress. Go to top
  • What is the difference between different types of foam: PU Foam, Latex foam, Memory foam and Memory Gel foam? PU Foam is a petroleum based product. Natural latex is created from liquid tapped from rubber trees. Even though it does not resist weight like metal coils, it does spring back to provide a resilient, springy, comfortable surface, where as Memory Foam is a petroleum based product & can take 10-60 seconds to recover. All memory foam mattresses users often complain of a trapped sinking feel.

    Traditional Memory Foam is infused with Gel to make Memory Gel Foam which helps reduce surface heat retention through better air circulation & sleep cooler. Response time is faster to reduce ‘Stuck’ feeling.  Go to top
  • Is it just the springs that are different between Classic and Posture care. If so, what is there such a huge price difference ? The whole Mattress design of a Classic & Posture Care is different. Right from the foam densities, sitting edges, coil design & qualities, various comfort & support layers & finally the Knit fabric quality used to cover both the mattresses. Go to top
  • How will you provide the service? Do you have service centres in my town ? In case of any product feedback you can always get in touch with the company on a Toll free 1- 800 - 102 – 7400 number where product specialists would discuss & try to resolve your issues & thereafter if needed local dealers sales support staff or even the Company official provides the right level & speed of service  Go to top
  • Snoozer seems to be a brand used in hotels. Hotel mattresses are good for one or two nights. So, is this mattress good for residential use? Snoozer Five Star Hotel Mattresses & other products & services perhaps offer the highest level of luxurious comfort to help the tired traveller relax during the short or long-term stay at the hotel. All facilities are benchmarked to the best. Enlightened Home buyers therefore prefer to trust the brands used by the hotel professionals to create a level of luxurious comfort back home.

    So the already tried & tested Snoozer is a best Seller in home buyers segment where it was introduced a few years back.  Go to top
  • I have a back pain? Which mattress should I use? There are many reasons for back pain. Some of the common reasons are poor posture, tension, pulled muscles or a slip disc. A proper mattress will go a long way in reducing your level of discomfort. Latex/Memory/Coir Foam Mattresses do not offer the adequate Firm support from beneath which is achieved by coil springs resisting weight sink in on the mattress.

    Therefore the best mattress to provide a luxurious comfort to help you sleep faster & provide the right orthopedic support is a good quality Snoozer Medium Firm mattress model as the spring won’t protrude, upholstery will not deflate or edges sag like cheap spring mattresses.

    As the Firmness is subjective & personalized comfort preferences can be adjusted later on to a more Firm feel by using a ‘Firm Pad’ or a softer plusher feel by using a ‘Mattress Topper’.  Go to top